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Bee Control Services in Orange County, CA

Bees and wasps are pesky insects that are difficult to deal with. Agricultural Pest Control Services offers the bee removal for your Orange County, CA, property that you need to feel safe on your property. Our bee control services are designed to restore peace and order to your property and to give you control again.

What We Do

Our services include removal of bees and wasps that live near or on your property. We remove hives so that we address the root of the infestation.

We also offer a range of treatments so that we can exterminate the bees and wasps and safely remove hives and other dwellings for these pests. Our technicians are skilled at safely and completely removing hives and the bees and wasps that dwell there.

Our bee control services also include live swarm removals so that we can remove the entire bee and wasp infestation in an economical and environmental way. We consult with you on the ideal method of wasp and bee removal for you and your property so that you are aware of and in control of the outcome that you desire.

We also offer construction repairs to respond to damage created by the bee and wasp infestation or any damage discovered in the removal process.

Who We Are

Since 1982, we have worked to reduce conflicts between you and pests. We have developed a system of the most acceptable and economical methods to remove bees, wasps, and other pests that we use to care for you and your property.

Our team has extensive experience, and our management personnel brings over 15 years of field experience. Our technicians are all State Certified Pesticide Applicators and have comprehensive training in pest identification and control, management methods, damage recognition, and safety.

Contact Agricultural Pest Control Services for high-quality bee control services today. Call (858) 536-2999 to schedule an appointment for your Orange County, CA, property.

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