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Palm Weevil Treatment and Prevention in San Diego

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Palm Weevil Control

AG Pest has over 30 years of experience in lawn care and plant health. We specialize in palm weevil control solutions that effectively eliminate South American Palm Weevils and prevent these pests from attacking and destroying your palms.

What is the South American Palm Weevil?

The South American Palm Weevil (Rhynchophorus palmarum) is best known for its destructive impact on palm trees. Here are some important things you should know about the South

Palm Weevil Identification:

  1. Appearance: Adult weevils are large, black beetles, measuring around 1.5 inches in length.
  2. Distinctive Features: They have a long, curved snout (rostrum) and elbowed antennae.
  3. Life Cycle: The weevil undergoes complete metamorphosis, starting as eggs laid in palm tissue, which hatch into larvae that feed internally, causing damage to the tree.

Palm Weevil Threats:

  1. Damage to Trunk: The larvae tunnel into the trunks of palm trees, causing structural damage and weakening the tree’s integrity.
  2. Weakening and Death: Severe infestations can lead to the death of the palm tree, as it becomes unable to support itself.
  3. Spread of Disease: Weevil infestations can also lead to the spread of diseases, further compromising the health of nearby palm trees.

Palm Weevil Canary Palm Infestations:

The Canary Island Date Palm (Phoenix canariensis) is a popular ornamental palm species, particularly in regions with mild climates like San Diego. While the South American Palm Weevil primarily targets Canary Palms in San Diego, it can also infest other palm species. Here’s how the weevil can affect Canary Palms in San Diego:

  1. Structural Damage: Similar to other palm species, South American Palm Weevils can cause significant structural damage to Canary Palms. The larvae tunnel into the trunk, weakening its integrity and potentially leading to the collapse of the tree.
  2. Health Decline: Infested Canary Palms may exhibit symptoms such as wilting fronds, stunted growth, and overall decline in health as a result of the weevil infestation.
  3. Death of Palms: Infestations of weevil larvae in the crown of the palm can result in death if the infestation is not treated with insecticides. At this point, the crown of the tree can collapse, tilt, and even detach from the tree and fall to the ground – presenting major safety concerns. In these severe cases, infested Canary Palms will die if the infestation is not detected and managed in a timely manner, resulting in the loss of valuable landscape assets and affecting the aesthetic appeal of your landscape.


Because many species of palms are susceptible to palm weevil infestation, especially in regions like San Diego where palm trees are prevalent in landscapes – early detection and proactive management strategies are key to protecting your palms from the damaging effects of the weevil.

How do you get rid of Palm Weevils?

  1. Monitoring Programs: It’s recommended that San Diego home and business owners with ornamental palms implement monitoring programs from a licensed pest control company to detect South American Palm Weevil infestations early. Regular inspections of palm trees for signs of infestation are crucial for effective weevil control efforts.
  2. Prompt Removal of Infested Trees: Infested palms should be promptly removed and destroyed to prevent the spread of the weevils to neighboring trees. This should be done only by professional arborists to safely remove the tree debris and limit the spread of weevils.
  3. Chemical Treatments: In cases of severe infestation or to protect valuable specimens, chemical treatments with appropriate insecticides may be recommended – injected and/or sprayed into and onto the tree and the crown – that specifically target South American Palm Weevils. These insecticides effectively treat weevil larvae and adult weevils – accumulating in the palm heart – where weevil feeding is present. Your AG Pest professional will inspect your property to identify active infestations and/or potential threats – and determine the best course of action.

What is the best way to prevent Palm Weevils?

  1. Early Detection: Regular monitoring of palm trees for signs of weevil infestation is key. Look for symptoms such as wilting fronds, oozing sap, or holes in the trunk.
  2. Sanitation: Remove and destroy infested plant material promptly to prevent the spread of the weevils.
  3. Chemical Control: In some cases, insecticides may be necessary for weevil prevention and control, including multiple palm applications each year, for infested areas. Your AG Pest professional will determine the best prevention methods after a thorough property inspection.
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